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An Easy Version of English

2024-04-11 19 min read Writing marco
You probably know by now that I know and love Esperanto. There is a lot to love about it: the fascinating history with its plot twists, the way I managed to survive my first Esperanto meeting after three weeks of learning, the travels I did with Esperantists all over Europe, and the amazing people that learn Esperanto - quirky, funny, and often able to converse in a dozen languages. But lately, I have been concerned. Continue reading

4 Days of Driving for 4 Days of Snowboarding Mt Bachelor

2024-03-29 30 min read Snow Updates Travel marco
Last year’s Great Canada Snowboarding Adventure was the last great trip I had planned linking ski resorts together in a chain. It was by far the most resorts, the longest drive, and the most fun I’ve had on all snowboarding winter adventures, so far, but it also marked an end. There just weren’t that many resorts left I hadn’t visited, and the lost one were isolated, far, and not on any pass system. Continue reading

Porting a Template from WordPress to Hugo

2024-01-04 8 min read Geek marco
Static Site Generators (SSG) are all the rage and are quickly becoming viable alternative to heavier Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress. I switched sites from WordPress to Hugo, one of the leadings SSG sites, but wanted to keep the site look and feel the same. To do so, I needed to port the theme I had used on WordPress. This article shows how to go about it if you want to do the same. Continue reading

The End of Capitalism: The Creativity Conundrum

2023-12-31 9 min read Writing marco
Alright: you suffered through two articles on this already. One about the way the Productivity Paradox killed middle America in the demise of blue collar jobs. Another one predicting a similar demise in white collar jobs due to more automation. But surely the arts are the exclusive domain of humans! How could computers possibly create things full of passion, of desire, of humor, of innovation? How could HAL outshine Van Halen? Continue reading

Your First Mountain Biking Experience

2023-12-30 26 min read Cycling General marco
Some people get into mountain biking because they have a death wish; some others because it’s cool. For me, it was oddly that road biking had become too unsafe after I moved to Colorado. I had been road biking for decades, in one year racking up over 7000 miles on my bike. Then I moved to San Diego and car culture became synonymous with road rage, but I had surfing as a distraction from cycling. Continue reading

The End of Capitalism: The Academic Delusion

2023-12-29 12 min read Writing marco
For blue collar workers, the root of all evils was the 1980s. While the world was listening to Madonna and Michael Jackson, wearing giant shoulder pads and holding giant boomboxes over your head, a series of developments crushed into the American Dream like Jaws into a fishing boat. The result was a deep and lasting depression into the heart of America, one that made life outside of large cities precarious and poverty and disillusionment widespread. Continue reading

The End of Capitalism: The Productivity Paradox

2023-12-22 14 min read Writing marco
It was in the ancient days of the early 70s that I saw and read this book. It was large, thin, and in thick cardboard pages. It was trying to tell us kids how much better the future would be and invoked a word: productivity. It claimed that productivity was growing rapidly, and that we would soon have twice the productivity of a generation before. What that meant was that we could do the same things in half the time, which meant that everybody would be able to work, say, only 20 hours a week and we’d get the same output. Continue reading

Talking to the Average Joe: What COVID-19 Has In Common With Young Sheldon

2023-12-05 10 min read Writing marco
Maybe we should have learned from the show, Young Sheldon, before it was too late. The struggle of a hyperbrilliant child savant having to deal with a world of average people should have given pause to scientists and government officials trying to talk down to a bunch of humans that didn’t want to follow order. But there is far more at stake than even the public’s reaction to the novel coronavirus, as the future of the planet is at stake. Continue reading
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