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Porting a Template from WordPress to Hugo

2024-01-04 8 min read Geek marco
Static Site Generators (SSG) are all the rage and are quickly becoming viable alternative to heavier Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress. I switched sites from WordPress to Hugo, one of the leadings SSG sites, but wanted to keep the site look and feel the same. To do so, I needed to port the theme I had used on WordPress. This article shows how to go about it if you want to do the same. Continue reading

Adding Search to a HUGO Site

2023-11-11 10 min read Site Programming marco
One function that is harder to do without a database backend, as static sites don’t, is search. With WordPress, search is baked into the core and all templates have to do is not get in the way. But on a static site, there is no backend to call, no infrastructure to invoke, and no user interface to show. Static sites have gotten around this by using third party search providers. Basically, you add some third party code to your site and then magic happens. Continue reading