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Threshold Chunking

2021-02-05 15 min read Programming marco
The Problem How do you distribute a file in pieces such that you need exactly a given number of the pieces to rebuild the entire file? This article was inspired by the Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme (SSSS), a cryptographic scheme (process) by which a secret key is shared between $n$ fragments, any $m$ of which can be used to recreate the entire key (n and $m$ being determined at the beginning of the process). Continue reading

SSL Certificates with Let's Encrypt

2016-10-21 6 min read Howto marco
You probably noticed a microscopic difference when accessing the site: suddenly, when you type in, you get redirected to the secure site, <>. Why, and how? First the why: Google announced it was going to prioritize search results according to the security of the site. That makes a lot of sense: “secure” sites have a modicum of respectability and require extra work compared to plain HTTP sites. You have to set up a secure server, which means you have to do more than simply point a DNS name to an IP address. Continue reading