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Porting a Template from WordPress to Hugo

2024-01-04 8 min read Geek marco
Static Site Generators (SSG) are all the rage and are quickly becoming viable alternative to heavier Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress. I switched sites from WordPress to Hugo, one of the leadings SSG sites, but wanted to keep the site look and feel the same. To do so, I needed to port the theme I had used on WordPress. This article shows how to go about it if you want to do the same. Continue reading

Moving on again: Joomla to WordPress to Hugo

2023-11-09 6 min read Site marco
It’s that time of the century again: I need to move on from one platform to another and carry (almost) all the content with me. This time, the move was not necessary and I could have continued working with WordPress. But updating the software every few days added up in time, the concern that eventually I’d be caught by a WordPress flaw that allowed remote execution, and ultimate takeover of the server, and the resources required to run PHP and MySQL were all too much. Continue reading

Long Time No Read!

2018-03-24 2 min read Site Updates marco
The spiders are busy deciding what happened to the old links on this site, while humans find the content just fine using the Search feature. But what happened? In short, we switched from Joomla to WordPress. It’s been a painful process, but one that couldn’t be postponed. What was wrong with Joomla? Nothing major, really. Joomla is a fine piece of software, despite not being as popular or as beloved by the geeky masses. Continue reading