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Long Time No Read!

2018-03-24 2 min read Site Updates marco
The spiders are busy deciding what happened to the old links on this site, while humans find the content just fine using the Search feature. But what happened? In short, we switched from Joomla to WordPress. It’s been a painful process, but one that couldn’t be postponed. What was wrong with Joomla? Nothing major, really. Joomla is a fine piece of software, despite not being as popular or as beloved by the geeky masses. Continue reading

‘Sup, Dudes?

2011-04-05 3 min read Site Updates marco
Well, it’s been a long while since the last update. I just checked, and it looks like the last entry on this blog was from just after my participation in the AIDS LifeCycle ride – that was LifeCycle 8, and we are at 10 now. I guess living in San Diego has been a lot of fun and a lot of work, and I hadn’t had much time to keep this site updated. Continue reading

ZooM broken

2006-09-19 1 min read Site Updates marco
Darn it! After upgrading to Joomla 1.0.11, zOOm didn’t allow me to upload images any longer. It just shows me an empty page, no matter what option I select to add images. That’s certainly a security upgrade, but not necessarily the one I was after. Independently, I went online and found out that there is a brand new version of zOOm available, 2.5.1 (I am still at 2.1.something), and I am deciding whether to upgrade. Continue reading

Joomla Upgrade

2006-06-28 1 min read Site Updates marco
Netcraft reported a serious SQL injection flaw in Mambo and Joomla. Given that SQL injection is pretty much the worst that can happen to your site, I immediately ran to the Joomla download page and got myself the upgrade from 1.0.8 to 1.0.10. Ran flawlessly, except for the usual SEF problem reported on several sites. To fix that, I had to go to includes/sef.php and manually change the behavior. How annoying! Continue reading

Switched to Joomla

2006-03-12 1 min read Site Updates marco
A new era for content management on this site: I switched from Mambo to Joomla, the new open-managed fork of the old CMS of choice. (I like the *open-managed* moniker.) The transition was neither hard nor easy. I decided to try the copy instructions: copy the site to a new location, copy Joomla on top of it, then deal with all the problems. Mostly, I had to retrieve files I had changed (like sef. Continue reading

Site Back!

2005-12-08 1 min read Site Updates marco
After moving into the new house, DSL made me wait a few days for a connection. This was followed by the usual problems in finding cables, hardware, keyboards, etc. Long story short: the site is back up!

Site Going Down Tomorrow Until DSL Is Up

2005-11-29 1 min read Site Updates marco
Since I am moving tomorrow and DSL won’t be started until the 5th, the site will be temporarily down. I will have point to and remove the redirect there, but the content will not be updated. If you get a chance before the site is down, check out the pictures of the new house!

PHP Weight Table

2005-11-25 2 min read Site Updates marco
Somehow this application follows me like a curse… The PHP version of the weight table is available as a Mambo/Joomla component. It was my first attempt at a component, and I have to admit it was much easier than I thought. You can download the component from the Remository. A long time ago I decided I needed to track my weight. I used to be a fat kid, and even in early adulthood I had real problems keeping my weight. Continue reading

Hotlinks Off

2005-11-24 1 min read Site Updates marco
I noticed that more and more of the requests to this site are for images that are embedded in somebody else’s pages. That’s quite a drag (as it has caused me almost to lose my other ISP for bandwidth violations until I turned it off). What to do? Well, wonderful Google helped out. People that link an image externally to save bandwidth are called bandwidth thieves and their activity is called hotlinking. Continue reading

First Attempts With Joomla

2005-11-13 3 min read Site Updates marco
tohI decided to bite the bullet and start migrating to Joomla. I wasn’t expecting much of an issue, since the code bases just forked, so I followed the easy path and copied Joomla over Mambo. To do so, first create a copy of your Mambo directory: cp -a mambo moomla The moomla directory will be our new playing ground while we test the installation. Next unpack Joomla into the moomla directory: Continue reading
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