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Legendary Creatures (all letters)

2015-02-09 1 min read Alphabet Lists marco
Legendary creatures for no reason< Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments A Alp Antaeus B Banshee Basilisk C Centaur Chukwa, Chimera D Dragon E Elf Encantado F Firebird Faun, Fairy G Garuda Gorgon, Goblin, Gnome, Griffin H Hydra Hippocamp, Hesperides I Incubus Imp, Irin, Inugami J Jinn K Kraken Kinnara, Kobold L Lilith Lindworm M Mermaid Mogwai, Manticore, Mandrake, Minotaur N Numen Nawao O Ogre Ouroboros P Pegasus Phoenix Q Qilin Quetzalcoatl R Rompo Revenant S Sphinx Siren, Sandman T Titan Thunderbird U Unicorn V Vampire Valkyrie W Werewolf Wyvern X Xana Y Yale Z Zombie

Ancient Roman Celebrities (No K, W, X, Y, Z)

2013-10-29 1 min read Alphabet Lists marco
Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments A Augustus First official emperor B Brutus Killer of Caesar C Caesar First unofficial emperor D Diocletian Ruled over the Empire at its largest extent E Eusebius First chronicler of the Christian Church F Flavius Fabius Both are names of gentes, the aristocratic families of Rome G Germanicus Father of crazy Caligula H Hadrianus Roman emperor, usually spelled Hadrian in English I Irenaeus Church theologian J Julius Name of the gens to which Caesar belonged K – L Livius Name of a gens, made famous by the historian that goes by its name M Marcus Common name (see Marcus Aurelius and Marcus Antonius) derived from Mars N Nero Emperor famous for burning down Rome O Octavius Common name, for the eight-born P Pompeius Another gens, made famous by several Romans (Pompey) Q Quintus Common name, for the fifth-born R Romulus The founder of Rome S Scipio Sextus, Septimus A gens made famous by the winner against Carthage T Titus Traianus Early Roman emperor U Ulpius Gens to which the emperor Trajan belonged V Valens Late emperor, captured by the Persians W – X – Y – Z –
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