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People of Computing (No letters missing, but Q and X out of series)

2013-11-03 1 min read Alphabet Lists marco

The only person on this list I have personally met is James Gosling, but I worked with a niece of Gordon Moore and am one degree removed from David Huffman, Steve Jobs, Don Knuth, Richard Stallman, Paul Vixie, and Larry Wall

Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A Amdahl Agrawal Gene (supercomputers)
B Boole Babbage George (boolean)
C Cerf Vinton (Internet)
D Diffie Dijkstra Whitfield (DH exchange)
E Easley Annie
F Feigenbaum Edward (fractal)
G Gosling Goedel, Gates James (Java)
H Huffman David (compression)
I Iverson Ken (APL)
J Jobs Steve (Apple)
K Knuth Don
L Lovelace Lamport, Lerdorf Lady Ada
M Moore Mockapetris, Matsumoto several (most famously Gordon)
N Norman Neumann Donald (UI)
O Overmars Mark
P Postel Jon (IANA, RFC)
Q Que Xinyu (Winner of a 2011 ACM Award)
R Rumbaugh James (OML)
S Stallman Richard (GNU)
T Turing Torvalds, Tanenbaum Alan
U Ullman Jeffrey (compilers)
V Vixie Paul (cron)
W Wall Wirth, Weizenbaum Larry (Perl)
X Xavier Professor, from the X Men series (no real relation to computing)
Y Yourdon Edward (complexity theory)
Z Zuse Konrad (early computing)