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World Cities

2014-05-28 1 min read Alphabet Lists marco

Large cities and World cities

Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A Alexandria Amsterdam
B Beijing Brussels
C Chicago Cairo Cairo is much larger, but we already have nearby Alexandria
D Delhi
E Essen Emmen
F Frankfurt
G Geneva
H Hanoi
I Istanbul
J Jakarta
K Karachi
L London Lagos Lagos is larger, but London is one of two Alpha++ cities
M Mumbai Moscow
N Nanjing Nice
O Osaka
P Paris Pune, Perth Pune is much larger, and we have no city from Oceania
Q Quito Qom Qom has larger historic and religious significance, but is much smaller
R Rio Rome
S Seoul Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore Shanghai is the largest city in the world, but Seoul is easier to spell
T Tokyo Tehran, Toronto
U Uberlandia Not a large city or a world city, the name is just funny
V Vienna
W Wuhan Wellington, Warsaw
X Xian
Y Yangon Yokohama We already have Tokyo for Japan
Z Zagreb