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Yearly Boarding Vacation

2009-01-27 1 min read Latest marco

Gone again! This time I am in Whistler for two weeks of unimpeded snowboarding fun. The snow could be better (it feels like late November, snowpack-wise) and the air is freezing cold, but the next storm is about to hit and everybody here is eager to get the powder boards out of the bags!

In the first two days, I’ve covered pretty much both mountains. You can’t really leave the groomed trails, as the other surface is all ice, but the groomers are empty and there is plenty room and no waiting in line. Even Emerald Express, the notorious beginners lift with the hiccup motion, was uncrowded last I checked!

And for all of you in search of a secret stash: the snow on the Creekside slope is still fantastic: crunchy on top and soft underneath. Like a particularly good scone. Mmmmm!!! Try Dusty’s Run if you get a chance!