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2013-02-07 1 min read Latest marco
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ALC Widget

2009-03-20 1 min read Latest marco
AIDS/LifeCycle is a 7 day, 545 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to support critical HIV/AIDS services. Please click the image below to support my participation in AIDS/LifeCycle! [![AIDS/LifeCycle is a seven-day, 545 mile bicycle ride, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Proceeds from AIDS/LifeCycle will help the San Francisco AIDS Foundation reduce new HIV infections in San Francisco and elsewhere.](/2009/03/5LZyQHcawKU0gBKiMPM-oEnpBRKQI3AC.jpg "AIDS/LifeCycle is a seven-day, 545 mile bicycle ride, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Continue reading

Yearly Boarding Vacation

2009-01-27 1 min read Latest marco
Gone again! This time I am in Whistler for two weeks of unimpeded snowboarding fun. The snow could be better (it feels like late November, snowpack-wise) and the air is freezing cold, but the next storm is about to hit and everybody here is eager to get the powder boards out of the bags! In the first two days, I’ve covered pretty much both mountains. You can’t really leave the groomed trails, as the other surface is all ice, but the groomers are empty and there is plenty room and no waiting in line. Continue reading

First boarding day of the season!

2009-01-06 1 min read Latest marco
Go shredding! I can’t believe I waited this long, but 1/4 was my first day of boarding this season. I took to Kirkwood, and had a blast. It was an amazing trip, with perfect road conditions, perfect weather, and really good snow. The most exciting thing was that I didn’t have to drive one mile! I just hopped on the bus, and four and a half hours later I was on the slopes. Continue reading

Ninole, mon amour

2008-09-06 1 min read Latest marco
There I go again – to Ninole, for two weeks. I wanted to come back much sooner, but between the gas prices and the inflated expectations of airlines with less competition, I couldn’t bring it over myself to fork out the money for a ticket in July or August. September is a great month in Hau`Oli Mau. The weather is nice: sunshine in the morning, overcast at noon, then rain in the afternoon and at night. Continue reading

Europe mon amour

2008-05-29 1 min read Latest marco
As far as a 2 week trip can be called a lightning blitz, that’s exactly what I have been doing in the past two weeks. London, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Rome, Tuscany, and then unwinding back. If I stayed longer than one day in one place, it was an utter surprise! But then, I managed to see all my family, and I am really happy that I did. First time with my younger brother’s two sons, and reconnecting with my older brother’s daughter and son, who are now becoming wonderful humans – all of them. Continue reading

Back from Tahoe

2008-03-11 1 min read Latest marco
{moszoomimglink:Advanced only in Squaw}Back from another snowboarding trip – this time to beautiful (though powderless) Lake Tahoe. It was the first time since I was a beginner that I went to Squaw Valley, and the first time ever in Kirkwood – and now I understand all the raving about the two resorts.

Back from Whistler

2008-02-06 1 min read Latest marco
{moszoomimglink:Village and mountain}Ah, after two weeks of snowboarding and finally starting to see some of what Whistler has to offer, I really had a hard time leaving. I mean, the snow was wonderful, the people incredible, the company hilarious… I could go on for hours, waxing lyrically, and instead will focus on plans for another snowboarding trip.


2008-01-11 1 min read Latest marco
{moszoomimglink:44. house}Well, it was about time. After two years in the pretty house in Westwood Highlands, the fog and the obsessive-compulsive neighbor have finally done me in and I am moving again. This time I am going to be a denizen of an area that I’ve always loved but never actually lived in: SoMa. For those of you who don’t know, SoMa is South of Market, a formerly industrial and now very lofty and trendy area of San Francisco. Continue reading

Monster Truck

2007-07-06 1 min read Latest marco
{moszoomimglink:monster truck}After finding the truck of my dreams (or nightmares, depending on how you look at it) I began hauling stuff at random. The “new” truck, a Toyota Pickup, 15 years old, is a good work horse and does its trick on the property. It’s fun to ride, too, although the 4WD is not as good as it should. It frequently slips on the purchase up to the house, which all rentals I had managed to do without a hitch. Continue reading
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