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Mika @ the Warfield - Followup on the drummer

2008-02-14 2 min read Events marco

From a blog post on the net, more information on the drummer in Mika’s concert that left such a huge impression. The original location is this.

I’ve been a little bit quiet here because I’ve just got a new job. Hooray! It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to work for ages and combines both my radio and web skills. Ace. Now I just need to get back into coping on little sleep after djing. A call to arms Londoners – where is good for lunch around Brick Lane/Shoreditch High Street area?

But no, I was right! Mika’s drummer is
Cherisse Osei, formerly of short lived girl band The Faders. They were to the UK what are to America in terms of having famous parents. Hooray for fact based (rather than race based) deduction! Anyway Cherisse totally rules when on stage with Mika – she was born to be a star. Even if that birth was an offensive 1986 one. The Like

Here are some other facts about Cherisse

  • Her full name is Cherisse Amma Loren Ofosu-Osei
  • Cherisse passed grade 8 drums at 15 and got her first kit when she was 3.
  • She started out in a heavy metal band called Fuse and her first gig was a muse concert.
  • She has worked with Richard Ridings and John Blackwell. When I first read this I excitedly though it said Richard Blackwood :-(
  • PERSONAL FACT: I passed Richard Blackwood at work yesterday and gave him a totally starstruck face.
  • The Faders debut single No Sleep Tonight was used on Veronica Mars, one of my favourite TV shows.
  • She is like totally BFF with someone gaypop would pay good money to snog.

These are probably enough facts for someone you’ve probably not heard of. However I hope to be doing a mini interview with her for F*@K Magazine if she says yes. What form this will take I do not yet know but hopefully she wouldn’t google my name and find this slightly stalkerish post. F*@K is a new gay magazine set up by the gods behind ghetto and popstarz by the way. It’s totally ace and I’ve so far contributed a Fischerspooner interview (in issue 2) and have a Charlotte Hatherley and Maximo Park piece in forthcoming issue 3. Ace. Cherisse for #4!