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Frida Kahlo @ SFMOMA

2008-06-23 3 min read Events marco
Frida and I go way back, to ancient times where she wasn’t this popular icon of feminism and empowerment she’s become ever after the movie with Salma Hayek. I had seen a panel of hers, a monstruous affair with a crippled woman at the center held aloft in the sky and held together by braces – an icon of pain bursting forth in a starfield of passion. Having grown in two cultures, I have always felt the duality of the passionate Italian and the rule-bound German curse me. Continue reading

Friedlander @ SFMoMA

2008-04-16 3 min read Events marco
In the pantheon of photography, there is always room for someone that has spent the last 50 years taking pictures of America as it has grown and changed. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art decided to honor Lee Friedlander, just such an artist, with a giant exhibit. With an ouvre that vast, the gallery decided to go for a roughly chronological setup, showing the artist’s work from the 60es to present times in a series of walls that, mostly, each come with a thematic setup. Continue reading

Mika @ the Warfield - Followup on YouTube

2008-02-14 2 min read Events marco
Well, one of the things that was amusing at the Mika concert was the number of cameras pointing at the stage throughout the night. Indeed, sometimes the glow from the cameras was stronger than the light on the stage. I guess that’s what you get in the capital of geek! I made the comment to my friend Julie that half the videos shot that night would be on YouTube by the end of the evening. Continue reading

Mika @ the Warfield - Followup on the drummer

2008-02-14 3 min read Events marco
From a blog post on the net, more information on the drummer in Mika’s concert that left such a huge impression. The original location is this. I’ve been a little bit quiet here because I’ve just got a new job. Hooray! It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to work for ages and combines both my radio and web skills. Ace. Now I just need to get back into coping on little sleep after djing. Continue reading

Mika @ the Warfield

2008-02-13 8 min read Events marco
For those of you who don’t know Mika, you have probably already heard at least one of his songs. In a good mood, he delivers “fun” music that is very catchy, instantly memorizable, but somehow too generic to have a particular imprint. He’s very young, so he probably is still working on a particular style, but right now he fits the mainstream glam rock category quite well, with other acts like Scissor Sisters. Continue reading