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Do you live at home?

2006-10-07 2 min read Lunacy marco

The company that insures my home in Hawaii, Zephyr Insurance, is requesting that I prove that I am living in Hawaii. Hmmm…. That’s kinda hard…. The mail doesn’t deliver in Ninole, I have no utilities, and gym membership is not good enough…

Now the big question, of course, is why does my insurance company care? Ok, I get the part about the house standing empty – but then again, there is currently nothing much to steal there! So, since there isn’t much to steal, there isn’t much risk. Unless someone gets into the house and burns it down to the ground, or steals the posts, what business is it for the insurance company?

Of cuorse, this kind of bureaucracy has its own domino effect: if the insurance company determines that I do not live full time in Hawai`i, then they will probably cancel my insurance. If they cancel my insurance, my bank will promptly start asking the same question, and at that point may choose to foreclose.

What a strange world: I have to prove that I am living in my house, but don’t really have a way to do that. Maybe the car? Maybe the furniture? Maybe a visit once in a while, and if I don’t respond within a week, then I am in trouble? Go figure…