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Checks - a Bizarre Anachronism

2008-08-18 3 min read Lunacy marco
When I closed escrow on the house in Hawaii, the escrow service asked me to send the difference between the escrow amount and the bank loan by way of electronic transfer. It was several thousand dollars, so I walked down to the Wells Fargo branch, filled out a form, and declared myself done with it. The odd thing was that I wasn’t allowed to do the transaction using a personal check. Continue reading

Do you live at home?

2006-10-07 2 min read Lunacy marco
The company that insures my home in Hawaii, Zephyr Insurance, is requesting that I prove that I am living in Hawaii. Hmmm…. That’s kinda hard…. The mail doesn’t deliver in Ninole, I have no utilities, and gym membership is not good enough… Now the big question, of course, is why does my insurance company care? Ok, I get the part about the house standing empty – but then again, there is currently nothing much to steal there! Continue reading

Interdictum! Excluding Companies by Behavior

0001-01-01 7 min read Lunacy marco
Sometimes a company will do something egregious. Something so irritating that it makes me want never to do business with them again. I then put them on a “secret” list, and I do business with them only if absolutely necessary or if they change their ways. This is an introduction to that list. United Airlines was the first company that made it on the list. It was around the year 2002 and I was flying down to San Diego (from San Francisco) for the wedding of two friends. Continue reading