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Switching to Joomla

2005-11-03 1 min read Site Updates marco

Yes, it’s true. I have been looking at Joomla, the new fork of Mambo. I am still not quite sure what happened and why the fork was necessary, but the Joomla boys seem to be the good ones, and a lot of activity has been pouring in their direction.

So far, there seems to be no real reason to change, other than the name. On the other hand, this new template I am using is really wonderful. Surely beats the mody_lightblue template I had been adapting and adopting.

One little item of investigation: I was wondering why my site looked so weird if I looked at it on different browsers. The left hand bar, typically, would behave all strange and grow to fill up most of the page. When I switched to this template, it got even worse: all content was squeezed into a thin vertical bar.

It turned out to be a bug in the scroller module – a </div> was missing. Now I removed the scroller, but once I fix it, I’ll surely put it back at least in some pages.