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2005-01-17 3 min read Months in the City marco
1. the main purpose of life is the achievement of happiness.
1.1 it takes two to be happy.
1.2 happy is made of smiles, of laughs, of play, of fun;
1.2.1 of tender kisses under the november moon and sweaty nights under the august sun;
1.2.2 of frosty fingers under cuddly winter blankets and of hunting butterflies in the skies of spring.
1.3 there is no such thing as a sad day.
1.3.1 the sad moments are when love and friendship grow;
1.3.2 the sudden burst of tears is as important as the sudden bout with laughter
2. i am myself.
2.1 grew up in europe, between castles and design furniture.
2.1.1 rome is the most wondersome city.
2.2 know a lot of things i cannot use, and still seek those i need.
2.3 intelligence and wit and humor and creativity.
2.3.1 i cannot live without sharing the things we have learned; without learning.
2.4 experiencing, moving, seeking, desiring.
2.4.1 i cannot live without doing – be it riding my bike, hiking up the mountains, traveling to distant places or what you have.
2.5 i am and i am not.
2.5.1 the day you think you have figured me out, i am all different again. this is true for everything except for the continuity of my affection and love it is true for sex, too.
2.6 will you like me?
2.6.1 italian looks, athletic build, quite hairy and masculine. you choose.
3. are you the sun or the moon or the stars in the sky?
3.1 to me, you will be all.
3.1.1 no matter what role you will have in my life, no matter what role i will have in yours.
3.2 be all to yourself.
3.2.1 there should be no thing you wouldn’t want to explore.
3.2.2 i want to be able to do everything with you.
3.3 demand much; give much.
3.3.1 don’t forget life is short.
3.3.2 don’t forget life is short.
3.4 how will you look like?
3.4.1 do i really have no fetish?
3.4.2 whatever you look like, i will find you attractive if your heart is open. as long as you can chase me around the hills of Tuscany on your bike, that is…
4. a day together is a day of joy.
4.1 waking up and listening to the silent presence of my man next to me makes me shudder with joy.
4.2 feeling his skin under my fingers sends thunderbolts through my spine.
4.3 throwing bread crumbs over the table and not worrying about the coffee spills;
4.3.1 there is no life without spills.
4.4 the beach, the bike ride, the trip to the hot spring.
4.5 visiting home, visiting friends, finding new friends together.
4.6 working for a living.
4.7 love is marvelous, friendship irreplaceable.
4.7.1 the blinking light of the answering machine can be joy.
4.7.2 there are lots of things you can do in an elevator that is stuck; we shouldn’t think of sitting on the floor and wait.
5. i am a fool.
5.1 worse, i am a romantic fool.
5.2 and i love it.