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2005-09-03 1 min read Months in the City marco
i am a master of contradiction ready to jolt any time but craving a kiss of a man without cause. i love those around me as i love myself which i learned it took learning. on a day like this my soul dances with the soul of the sun with that of the baby that cries. coming from italy the reds are redder the blues bluer and life always a hoot. Continue reading


2005-01-17 2 min read Months in the City marco
sitting on a starry night high above my windows watching all those stars quietly go round. now how often did i sit on the hill on the green or grassy buena vista looking up the tired and trite signs of centuries of yore. beam me up, antares! my guiding light of dusk and wrestle with my loved one for the privilege of blood. beat me up, polaris! you fixest of the suns Continue reading


2005-01-17 1 min read Months in the City marco
oh, how i love this wondrous city, atlantis on the rocks; one third is ocean spray, uncommon sense another, the rest, the hottest fruits. look, how it hurt to live its winter season, the aches, the pains, the treasons and betrayals; and yet, awake, gone are those worries; would i drown in the sea of sun that cascades through the window. that little twig seemed dead ten days ago robbed by the chill of any little life Continue reading


2005-01-17 3 min read Months in the City marco
1. the main purpose of life is the achievement of happiness. 1.1 it takes two to be happy. 1.2 happy is made of smiles, of laughs, of play, of fun; 1.2.1 of tender kisses under the november moon and sweaty nights under the august sun; 1.2.2 of frosty fingers under cuddly winter blankets and of hunting butterflies in the skies of spring. 1.3 there is no such thing as a sad day. Continue reading