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Steamboat During the Bomb Cyclone

2019-04-05 9 min read Snow Updates Travel marco
It was (and still is) an amazing snow season, one of those you can tell tall stories about to your grandkids surrounding the fireplace. But the crown of the worst storm of the many definitely goes to the one that dropped a blanket of white from Aspen to Chicago. It marked the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in Colorado, with some of the worst winter winds recorded. What a better day to do a road trip? Continue reading

I Can Tell-u-ride!

2019-04-04 10 min read Snow Updates marco
Yes! We finally had the most fantabulous snow season of the (this) century! 2018-2019 will forever go into snowboarding history as Colorado’s most fun, especially with the future being warmer and the snow trending towards occasional more than regular. In fact, I haven’t been updating this blog for a long while because I was having way too much fun on the slopes. Now the season is winding down and it’s time to recap almost six months of awesomeness! Continue reading

My Private Keystone

2018-04-01 7 min read Snow Updates marco
The previous post I spent dissing the EPIC Pass, but praising its mountains. Vail will always be one of my favorite places on Earth, despite being sick of high prices and breaking-down lifts. Breckenridge will always be my go-to place for a party (waiting for the Plunge!), but I’ll never reveal my secret stashes there, not even if you tortured me with a ski stick (yes, that’s what they were originally called! Continue reading

Good-bye RMSP, Welcome IKON!

2018-03-25 7 min read Snow Updates marco
Last year I decided to splurge and buy both major season passes available in Colorado: EPIC, which is Vail’s offering and includes access of some kind to A-Basin, Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, and Beaver Creek; and Rocky Mountain SuperPass (RMSP), which is good at Eldora, Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Steamboat, and Crested Butte. Of course, just as I decide to do that, we get one of the worst snow seasons on record. Continue reading

Crested Butte Weekend

2018-03-24 19 min read Snow Updates marco
It’s been a tough year for travel. I had to deal with a lot of work, and if I found the time to snowboard, I rather shot up I-70 to my favorite haunts than drive for hours and days just to slide down a mountain I didn’t know. I mean, I am some 75 minutes from some of the finest resorts in the world, do I really have to fly to marginally better or really just different mountains? Continue reading

Can You Day Trip from San Diego to Mammoth?

2016-01-09 19 min read Snow Updates marco
So, maybe 2015 was not your year. Maybe everything went wrong in your personal and professional life. Maybe there have been long lasting relationships falling apart, or greedy and incompetent advisers. Maybe you have been in a funk for months, thinking dangerously frequently about that suicide scene in your upcoming novel with no suicide scene anywhere in it. Fret not, a new year is here, a new leaf is turned, and a new adventure awaits. Continue reading

Last Snow in Mammoth

2015-04-02 4 min read Snow Updates marco
It was so tempting: on the heels of the mega-epic trip around the Rockies, I wanted one last chance to ride before the season’s officially over. Also, I had bought this cheap Arbor board and these cheap Gnu bindings and I wanted to give both a go. I packed the car and my friend Torrey and we dashed up the highway on a fateful Monday afternoon. The snow divinities liked us, as we sailed up the 15, then 215, then 15, then finally 395 without a hitch. Continue reading

Circle Around the Rockies: Seeking Fresh Powder Edition

2015-03-18 22 min read Snow Updates marco
Mountain Collective? Check! Car? Check! Hotels? Check! Snowboarding gear? Check! This is the second instalment of the yearly Spring Break Snowboarding series. Last year’s was about the West Coast, this year it was all in the Rockies. I went with my amazing friend Michael again, and we had an absolute blast! The Mountain Collective, for those of you that joined this time around, is a loose group of ski resorts that all banded together to combat the evil empire, a. Continue reading

Running Out of Time: Mountain Collective Passes Nearly Sold Out

2014-05-23 1 min read Snow Updates marco
Quick word of warning: while last year’s Mountain Collective passes were “nearly sold out” for months, who knows what’s going to happen this year. In any case, the site lists them as almost sold out, and they are still the best deal in mountains you’ll find. (A season pass with Epic is my second choice and would be my first choice if I lived closer to Tahoe or Colorado!)

Up and Down the West Coast: Seeking Fresh Powder Edition

2014-03-23 35 min read Snow Updates marco
I mentioned in a previous post how I went to Mammoth on a Mountain Collective Pass. My friend Michael and I now decided to go crazy and drive all the way to Whistler, BC, Canada and hit the three resorts on the way that offer the pass. Executive summary: Driving from San Diego to Whistler and back in a week is crazy. But it’s still better than flying. Thanks, airlines! Continue reading
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