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Warrior [Ke$ha] (CD)

2013-01-23 5 min read Music marco
Like any self-respecting intellectualoid, I had only haughty disdain for Ke$ha and her antics. After all, she sang a childish bubble-gum rocky electropop that glorified getting drunk, getting high, and calling people either douchebags or losers. On top of that, she couldn’t even sing! Then I spent two weeks in Hawaii, working on the house. My handyman, in his early twenties, forced me to listen to Ke$ha’s first album, Animal + Cannibal on the half hour drive from and to the site. Continue reading

Magic Hour [Scissor Sisters]

2012-12-20 2 min read Music marco
For a group that faced an existential crisis in the mid-2000s, Scissor Sisters has a remarkably consistent output. After releasing in 2003, 2005, and 2008, the band released Magic Hour in 2012. I need new music for the gym. It has to be dance music, since dance music really lifts my workouts to a higher plane. Scissor Sisters fits the bill pretty well, with their upbeat tunes and dance rhythms. Can’t go wrong, right? Continue reading

Push and Shove [No Doubt] (MP3)

2012-10-09 3 min read Music marco
No Doubt fans had to wait for a long time. Their last album was in 2001, and if was the slightly underwhelming Rock Steady. Then came the long hiatus that saw Gwen Stefani touring the world in her slightly overcommercialized version of pop. Then she ran out of fresh ideas, I guess, and the band reunited. Then they promised an album (I almost said, a CD) for 2010. Then nothing happened. Continue reading

Le Grand Docu-Soap [Army of Lovers] (CD)

2012-06-14 6 min read Music marco
It was the Year of the Lord 1992, in the month of January, on the 22nd day, and I was in Heaven. I had left the continent of Europe for the first time and landed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in Honolulu. As the doors of the aircraft opened, instead of the smell of kerosene and city, tropical flower scents greeted me. I stepped off the plane. When I hit the tarmac (how unromantic), a jolt of energy raced through me. Continue reading

Ta-Dah [Scissor Sisters] (CD)

2006-12-02 4 min read Music marco
It’s been a while now that I have been paying attention to the Scissor Sisters. My first encounter with them was at the gym: their second big hit, Laura, was a hit with the Gold’s Entertainment Channel, and I would listen to it while running on the treadmill. My first impression was not favorable: I hated the song’s hammering rhythm, and found the video silly. Additionally, I didn’t get the Scissors part of the equation and found the frequent references to haircutting silly and thought the whole thing was a one “hit” wonder. Continue reading

Confessions on a Dance Floor [Madonna] (CD)

2005-12-28 2 min read Music marco
She’s done it again! Madonna has continued amazing me since her first album, Madonna, was released in 1983. Back then, my idea of music was classical, and her songs sounded wildly exotic to me. Over time, she was always able to capture my imagination, with songs like Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Vogue, Ray of Light. Lately her albums had been a little on the thin side, artistically, but with this latest one, she’s outdone herself. Continue reading

Heaven [DJ Sammy] (CD)

2005-12-21 1 min read Music marco
Dance versions of pop songs are DJ Sammy’s specialty, and with Heaven he gets quite a few right. I first heard about him when watching a few kids play Dance Dance Revolution on a Playstation 2 (at the Metreon in the City). The dance version of the Bryan Adams hit “Heaven” is included in the game. Aside from accelerating the old pace of songs of the sixties and seventies, DJ Sammy adds a lot of riffs and beats, and makes the sound overall more danceable. Continue reading

Tra Te E Il Mare [Laura Pausini] (CD)

2005-11-26 2 min read Music marco
Growing up in Italy is a bitter-sweet. Italy’s culture is strong, rich of an imagery that had thousands of years to mature. In particular, design, architecture, music, and movies are world class, as many have recognized. While Italian design has world renown in cars, furniture, and – to possible parity with France – fashion, the other items are not widely accepted to be part of the Italian strengths. Architecture, for instance, is something that most people associate with past centuries, and they see no new contributions. Continue reading

Zucchero & Co. (CD)

2005-07-17 2 min read Music marco
There are the times when you realize you have been missing home for way too long. In nothing else do I realize it as much as when I get to hear music from Italy, one of my home countries, the one with the more distinct music tradition. Italy has of course an extremely long tradition in music, as exemplified by the copious amounts of musical terms that are borrowed from the Italian. Continue reading