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GTotN Day 6: River Rock Lodge and Big Sky, MT

2016-02-15 3 min read Travel marco
Big Sky is an odd resort. I occupies a wide valley that ascends until it hits a capping mountain, Lone Mountain. There are several villages, each with its own character. The main base area is called Mountain Village, and actually has a whole mountain below itself. There is a village called Moonlight Basin, which is new. There is a Hidden Valley. Just below that one is Town Square. There is a Golf Course. Continue reading

GTotN Day 5: Jackson to Big Sky

2016-02-15 2 min read Travel marco
i was a little apprehensive at first. The final part of the drive from Sun Valley to Jackson Hole, the Tetons, had been steep and fraught with danger. What would the drive to Big Sky look like? I knew there was a canyon involved, but how steep would it be? The weather was nice, and as I point out in the previous post, I felt Confident. First, the crossing of the Tetons. Continue reading

GTotN Day 4/5: Jackson Hole

2016-02-15 4 min read Travel marco
Sometimes, you experience something as wonderful and you realize it might not be as good next time around. You were euphoric with the excitement of the discoverer, and there is no way next time you’ll have as good a time. Turns out that may be true in general, but not in this case. I remembered Jackson Hole as a wonderful, amazing place. The second time around, it was the same thing, but better. Continue reading

GTotN Day 4: Lexington Inn and Jackson, WY

2016-02-15 3 min read Travel marco
As the brochures ask, is it called Jackson, Jackson Hole, or Teton Village? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the Arctic wind. Jackson, WY is the town. A very nice town, indeed. The low-lying valley of the Snake river around the Tetons is called Jackson Hole. So Jackson (the city) is located in Jackson Hole the area. Teton Village is the name of the base area of the ski resort, which is named after the area, Jackson Hole. Continue reading

GTotN Day 3: Sun Valley to Jackson Hole

2016-02-15 3 min read Travel marco
The drive from Sun Valley to Jackson Hole was 4.5 hours planned. Leaving the first resort at closing time would have gotten me into Jackson after 8, which is something I didn’t want, since the last part of the drive involved crossing the Tetons. I left early (sue me), after lunch. As usual, I had packed the car and checked out, and since the lot was so close to the hotel, I just moved everything to the lot. Continue reading

GTotN Day 2: Sun Valley Resort

2016-02-15 5 min read Travel marco
From the hotel to the entrance to River Run Lodge I had a 9 minute walk. In fact, getting from the Lodge to the parking lot was shorter than from the end of the lot to the resort. Sun Valley is incredibly friendly. It advertises it won “Best of” awards in a number of categories, like speed of the lifts, kid friendliness, etc. None of them are technical wins. There is no, “Best lift” award, or “Most difficult terrain. Continue reading

GTotN Day 2: Best Western Tyrolean Lodge and Ketchum, ID

2016-02-15 2 min read Travel marco
I didn’t really get a chance to connect to the place when I checked in. I just picked up the room keys and walked up the stairs, then dropped dead tired into bed. It was in the morning that I activated my snow sense. I got the coffee maker out and started my day by brewing a 12 cup batch and checking email. The hotel WiFi was pretty crappy, and the LTE gizmo turned out to be on AT&T, not Verizon as I wished. Continue reading

GTotN Day 1: San Diego to Sun Valley

2016-02-15 3 min read Travel marco
The Alaska flight to Boise leaves San Diego at 3:40p from Terminal 1. It was a Sunday, so the late afternoon was a perfect time to go. What do you know, it was also the first day of a heating trend and I found myself leaving town with the first long stretch of beach weather arriving. It’s been a cold winter, this year, with barely a day making it to average temperature. Continue reading

GTotN: Planning

2016-02-15 12 min read Travel marco
Why did I pick the three resorts on the list? Why Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, and Big Sky? Mountain Collective had added Sun Valley this year, with Lake Louise and Thredbo. I dreamed of going to Lake Louise, but an international trip comes with its complications: if you rent a car, you cannot cross borders. You need to bring your passport, and that makes things a lot more complicated in case stuff (including the passport) is lost or stolen. Continue reading

The Grand Tour of the North: Seeking Fresh Powder Edition

2016-02-15 4 min read marco
For the past three years, I’ve started a collection of all Mountain Collective Pass resorts. For those who don’t know, the Mountain Collective is a group of resorts not owned by the big juggernaut, Vail Resorts. These banded together to offer an alternative. The Pass works very simply: when you buy it, you get two “free” days at each of the participating resorts (and a third free days at one resort you designate when you buy). Continue reading
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