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A tumblr-like Gallery in Joomla?

2014-01-21 2 min read Uncategorised marco

I guess a lot of people have noticed the presentation of galleries on tumblr, the image blogging platform, and liked it. I certainly loved it so much that I looked back at the more traditional gallery I use, JoomGallery, and wished it were a little fancier in its presentation.

A little scouting expedition into the depth of the Internet showed that there were many, many extensions available for other platforms, but nothing for Joomla.

Then I stumbled upon a German component named Event Gallery. Apparently, a tech-savy photographer created it to showcase his assignments – considering the name of the component, he is probably an event photographer. The extension had the presentation I liked, but nothing else: the galleries were flat (mine are deeply nested); the focus was on selling images (mine on by-passing the forever despised Facebook), and I had already thousands of images in JoomGallery.

I found a neat little trick, though, that made my life a lot easier. I can get the tumblr look without having to manage all my images in EventGallery, which is pretty much what I wanted.

To make this work, you have to have both your gallery software (in my case, JoomGallery) and EventGallery.

  1. Choose the galleries you want to display in tumblr format.
  2. Find the location where the gallery stores the original images (in JoomGallery, that’s pictures/joomgallery/originals
  3. Go to the directory pictures/eventgallery
  4. Create symbolic links from the originals to the eventgallery and name them something you like (not what the gallery did)
    example: ln -s ../joomgallery/people_3/marco_27 Marco
  5. Go to the Event Gallery admin menu
  6. Click on “Sync Database (top right corner) and follow the instructions
  7. Create a menu item for the new gallery; choose Event Gallery – Event Image List as menu item type