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Why You Should Wait to Buy a New Laptop

2013-11-23 1 min read Comparisons marco

This will be an incredibly short post:

If you look up the best selling laptops on Amazon, you’ll notice striking pricing. The best seller is the Samsung Chromebook, 11.6″. The best selling “real” laptop is a Toshiba Satellite, at 15.6″ quite enormous.

The downside: here in two images.


The price on both is fluctuating, currently $250 for the Chromebook and $300 for the Satellite. I guess on an 11.6″ Chromebook that resolution is acceptable, but I imagine you can see the pixels on the 15.6″ as little ponds on the screen.

Next is the best selling high-density screen:


Sadly, it belongs into a completely different universe:


It’s the MacBook Pro. Of course, the price is more justified if you consider everything else you get with a MacBook Pro.

But then we have this little pearl:


So you can have a high-resolution display on an 8.9″ screen for a little more than you get from a Chromebook.

There is no single thing you will use more on a laptop than the screen. If you do any actual work, or if you just like browsing around, you should not buy a laptop with a crappy, 1366×768 display. Enough said.