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Blocked IP Addresses

2011-07-21 1 min read Utilities marco

This is an ongoing post, in which I record the IP addresses I had to ban on this server because of serious abuse/spam. I am posting this mostly so that I have a backup in case I reboot the server – but I sense that more people will find this list useful.

The following is the output of iptables -L -n on this server. Updates as required. Each IP address in this list has submitted more than 1000 requests for comments in RSGallery within a single day. The IP addresses and the servers behind them may be perfectly innocent, but in each case, the ban resulted in a sudden drop of comments. Also note that the comment feature has been disabled on this blog.

Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)<br></br>target     prot opt source               destination         <br></br>DROP       all  --            <br></br>DROP       all  --           <br></br>DROP       all  --           <br></br>DROP       all  --           <br></br>DROP       all  --           <br></br>DROP       all  --