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New Digs

2011-07-14 2 min read marco

What do you know? I will have to move again. Sick of living near UCSD (mostly because students don’t typically make for good neighbors), I am moving with all the belongings to Pacific Beach, the rough-and-tumble neighborhood of San Diego right South of tony and zany La Jolla.digs

Why Pacific Beach? I hadn’t set my mind and was open to any neighborhood close to the ocean, and Pacific Beach just had the best combination of places for me. It wasn’t impossibly expensive, and a townhouse there can be pretty sizeable and yet “affordable” (as Southern California goes).

Move-in date is not set, but is probably going to be close to the end of the month. In the new place, I am going to be joined by my faithless roomie and the obnoxious cats, Mondo and Shasta. They are going to have to travel all the way from Minnesota.

Now that I think of it, “Faithless Roomie and the Obnoxious Cats” is a perfect name for a punk band!

P.S.: the Faithless Roomie objects strenuously to the moniker I chose for him, and he’s freaking out about the implications of the name. Isn’t he doing his chores? Is he being annoying? Is he hopeless? Or am I just ribbing him? Will we ever find out?

Turns out the cats have the best deal: they get the whole patio (covered and enclosed) to themselves….