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2011-07-03 1 min read Quotes marco

The last words on the note Seth Walsh left for his family before committing suicide. A very sad story, of a loving mother and a loving family, and a child that was so terrified by the bullying he experienced that he called his environment, “this s—hole.”

The mother accused the school district of not doing anything/enough to help her son, who was being bullied and harassed in his school in ultra-conservative Kern County. The school denies all wrongdoing, but the Department of Justice and Education just announced (7/1/11) that “the district is required to prevent and respond to gender-based harassment at its schools, and undertake district-wide efforts to eliminate the hostile environment resulting from the peer-on-peer harassment of any student.” [link]

The thought anyone would harass a 13-year-old child into committing suicide while nobody seems to be doing anything about it is simply horrifying.