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MMS on Nokia N900/T-Mobile

2010-06-07 1 min read Electronics Anonymous marco

OK, this is the latest on N900 and T-Mobile MMS. It works, but you have to figure out a few things. To save you the time and aggravation, here is my recipe:

  1. Download and install (via Application Manager) fMMS.
  2. In fMMS, go to Settings -> Internet Connection Settings
  3. Get the current settings from this page (they worked for me)
  4. You are ready to go

The settings (in the format used by fMMS), in case you can’t reach the page or whatever, are summarized below:

User name and password are blank. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you!

[Oh, and by the way – the settings will work only if you are on the T-Mobile Internet connection. WiFi won’t work.]