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Recovery and Weight

2010-02-19 2 min read marco

Well, tomorrow my accident will be exactly a month old. To mark it, I’ve been following the snowboarders at the Olympics, and I’ve enjoyed both the competition and the attention it has gotten. Between Seth Wescott, Shaun White, and the marvelous Hannah Teter, there is a lot to watch and get excited about, and I hope the sport will benefit from this rush.

That’s of course despite the fact I am grounded for the time being, at the very least until the end of the season. And that I blame snowboarding for my injury. But that’s beyond the point.

Whatever happened, it has had an impact on my body. I have been forced to forego my favorite workouts, including cycling, and for a time I thought I would be forced to accept the end of my physical fitness, doomed to a life of premature obesity. (Wait, there is no such thing as premature obesity – because there is no natural onset of obesity).

But, fortunately decades of healthy habits kicked in, and I started working around my shoulder issues. I got myself a shoulder brace (which the doctors strangely hadn’t even talked about, let alone recommended) and checked how far I could go.

The results are encouraging. I have enough stamina to do as much cardio as I want (stair climbing, running, elliptical), and I decided I would build slowly after missing out on two weeks of workout. I cannot do any weights, but I can do passive resistance exercises like ab crunches and the like.

While I will have to slowly work my way up on the weights, trying not to bother the collar bone prematurely, I can safely say that I am back to almost normal on the cardio front. For that, I thank a life time of good habits and a great environment.

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