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Snowboarding (II)

2010-02-11 2 min read marco

It seems just fair that after stopping this blog with a post on snowboarding, I’d start it again a year later with another one on the same topic.

This time, though, the reason is less fortunate: I was snowboarding in gorgeous Breckenridge when a silly fall caused a shoulder separation. I’ve been not only kicked off the mountain for the rest of my time there, I haven’t been able to move much except to the grocery store to buy calorie bombs. As a result, it’s time to lose weight again.

For those of you that don’t know and are interested (the rest skip the paragraph) a shoulder separation is what happens when the collar bone slips out of its resting space on the shoulder blades. It looks ugly, it is supposed to hurt terribly (it didn’t in my case, thankfully) and it heals pretty much on its own in 6-12 weeks (I seem to be much faster than that).

It’s the usual routine: get as much workout done as time and work allow, and eat more sensibly. So far, I managed to get 4 lbs off in just a week without trying and without calorie counting. But if there is anything good that came out of this, it’s definitely this restart.

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