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Back in town

2009-06-08 1 min read Newsflash marco

img_0146.jpgWe made it! After a solid week of riding, 2000+ cyclists from all walks of life reached Los Angeles, yours truly one of many amongst them. It was amazing, an experience quite impossible to forget, almost a little life of its own.

Funny thing is, I still can’t stop talking about it. Everyone I see gets treated to a first hand account of the ride, because so much of what I am thinking about right now is just the last week and all the things that happened.

Really, if you want to treat yourself to an experience quite unlike any other one you’ve had – try AIDS LifeCycle. I am not saying it’s going to be easy, I am not saying it’s going to be just fun. Somewhere between the atrocious coffee, the face caked in mud made of sweat and road dust, and the smell of port-a-pits you’ll hate anyone that ever suggested you partake. But I guarantee, once it’s over, you’ll talk about it until your grandchildren reach retirement age.