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AIDS LifeCycle

2009-03-18 1 min read Tours marco

alc.jpgIf you haven’t heard it yet, you will do so soon: I am participating in this year’s AIDS LifeCycle ride. So far, I successfully skirted the issue by being busy or traveling, but this year my friends that are close to the AIDS Foundation told me that charity is drying up and that they need both the support and the free marketing desperately, like never before.

What is AIDS LifeCycle? Well, it’s a bicycle tour that goes from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 6 grueling days. Modeled after other charity races, AIDS LifeCycle participants pledge to raise a minimum of $3000 for the good cause. As it turns out, people are more willing to give you money if you put your personal effort on the line.

I find everything about the ride challenging. There are the 100 daily miles for a week, the challenge of meeting thousands of strangers, and the need to ask people for money. But, heck, I knew that was going to happen – and I am pushing all the way to get my funding goal in! Please help if you can!