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Progress on Component

2008-02-26 1 min read Joomla Weight Table marco

Well, the feedback has abated quite a lot, but views and downloads of the component are still going strong. We are at 1,327 views and 150 downloads – so far, no new complaints, but no comments either.

What does an open source developer do to get more feedback? Well, maybe start by putting out some feedback of my own. Here are a few things I’d like to see in com_weight:

  1. Better support for multiple users (I think it’s broken now)
  2. User preferences (display to anonymous or not, history and graph length, etc.)
  3. Averages and goals
  4. Do not use the bodyfat graph if the user doesn’t enter it
  5. Better fonts (ship with font?)

As usual, I am just dying for feedback! Hence, on the left you find the new Forum link. Don’t be shy!