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Registered Project and Released Feather

2008-02-20 2 min read Joomla Weight Table marco

As of now, I did all the required work to register the project and release the first version on You should be able to download the file, from there and install it on any current Joomla 1.0 instance.

A few words to go with the download:

  1. This is an initial release. The component works just fine for me, and I have it running on to track my weight – but I am extremely interested in feedback. Both improvements and bugs will be actively considered, so don’t be shy!
  2. Plans for 1.5: now that the software is stable, I’ll start working on a 1.5 implementation. I’ve looked at the structure of 1.5, and it looks like it’s really 2.0 – a major rearchitecture of the underlying infrastructure. If the interfaces for components have stayed stable, though, there shouldn’t be too much work to do. Congrats, Joomla Core developers!
  3. Who is this for? When I was a fitness trainer, I found that my clients had a hard time keeping their weight, losing it, or gaining it (whatever they fancied). One of the reasons was that they looked at their weight on any single day and made silly decisions based on that. If they lost a pound they’d start eating like crazy, if they gained one they’d starve until the end of the day, and then overate. Seeing the trend in the past few weeks helps a lot more.
  4. Installing: in the Administrator, choose Installers → Components. There select the ZIP file and upload it. You should get something with lots of “success!!” on it. Then go to the menu manager, and add a Component menu item with the component “com_weight” in it. Place it in any menu, make sure it is published, and off you go!