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Back (Briefly)

2007-06-03 1 min read marco

So, my life in Hawaii is actually quite close to what I wanted it to be, but someone thought I am a good CTO and invited me for an interview back to the Bay Area. Cool company, lots of problems in the product but nothing a good team couldn’t fix – and the money to do it, all of it.

I am flying out tomorrow morning, returning on Wednesday. Of course, Friday will see me flying out again – to Honolulu, to get a complete check-up at the Kaiser clinic after my doctor here is afraid I might have had angina, precursors to a heart attack.

I am feeling torn: on one hand, this is finally a company that is dying from too much success, and the only thing standing in its way is the product. I talked with the CEO at length, and he seems to understand he needs help. He seems to be willing to pay for it, too, but only at the rates of a late arrival, not as a participant in real equity. Of course, I get guaranteed funding as things stand.

It’s a cool company, a cool concept, and there is a lot of money in it. Should I say yes and go back?