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Progress in the house

2007-04-20 1 min read Ninole House marco

Well, get this: during lunch hour, when nobody at work wants to communicate with me anyway (they had sushi, I heard) I got to complete two of the two critical tasks from the other post, and start on the fourth one!

In particular, I fixed the sheeted windows, adding two panes where they had broken (it’s SOOO quiet in the main room now, it’s almost scary!) and removing a sheet where it had torn, but no sheet was needed (in the upstairs room). Additionally, I moved all of the flooring from outside in. That was a lot of work, actually, and I am glad I could rush it into my lunch hour.

I am rewarded with wonderful weather: the rain of the night gave way to a wonderful sunny day, and I am sitting here at the computer, looking out the giant windows, enjoying the view of the ocean. It’s going to be marvelous!