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2007-04-19 3 min read Spinning marco

I am used to that from the old days when I taught classes after college – sporting instructors are terribly high-maintenance, and spinning instructors are no exception. So, to the drama of bikes that are constantly breaking in really bad ways at the Gold’s Gym on Brannan, we have a collective of instructors that constantly bad-mouth each other when out of earshot.

I got an inkling of that last year, when JP, one of the instructors, decided I should take over one of his classes because he had to go on a long trip and couldn’t find enough subs. I thought it would be a neat experience, and I got ready.

The day, a Saturday, came, I had about 8 people in class, and we all had a good time. I goofed badly a few times, for instance not realizing that the “Double Left” goes with a fast song, not with a slow one, but all in all the class supported me. They were actually the sweetest, going all the way with me.

After class, three or so came over to thank me profusely – mostly because without me, there wouldn’t have been a sub to teach the class, and some of those present were really looking forward to this class as the only one they could take all week. While the support made me feel all happy, the obvious exertion and cheeky joyfulness in the room made me ecstatic. I can’t even remember teaching a class that was so into it!

While I thusly amble around all puffed up in my little ego, other instructors are trickling in and asking how my first class went. In my youthful (strike that word) ignorance, I became my bubbly self and chirped about how much fun we had had, and how wonderful it was that the class had supported me, and that they had found a way to be happy and work out despite my goofs (sometimes they are not as clement with a sub).

Instead of hearing some word of encouragement for the new kid on the block, the vast majority of the instructors I talked to (3 out of 4) turned a deep shade of envy. The odd thing is what they all accused me of: “Yeah, it’s all about you, Marco…”

Then of course, I realized it was the Marco Paradox all over again. They accused me of selfishness and being self-centered because that’s how they frequently run their own classes: choosing music they like, harassing people they don’t like (usually because they can’t keep up) out of class, starting late and leaving early… you name it!

Of course, reading this post, I realize I am doing exactly as they do. I really should start teaching, I fit in so well!