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From the main room, while the rain is pounding

2007-04-19 2 min read Ninole House marco

Here I am, in the middle of the night, woken up already but set to go for another day of fun in Ninole. The Internet connection works well, and there is nothing to do for the next five hours, until the sun starts peeking through the clouds.

You find me well here in Ninole. I haven’t accomplished nearly enough, as usual, and I still have to go to the County to talk with them about my permit. That’s set to happen today. For the house, I find I need to do little this time. I set the goal of accomplishing as follows:

  • Move the flooring from outside to the inside. While the gate is locked well, and I reinforced the chains, its sitting outside the front door is an open invitation for thieves
  • Move all the windows from the basement to the main room. That way, I can have Calvin bring in his cows to keep the grass under control
  • Replace the plastic sheeting on the open windows. I already replaced a bunch of them last time, but the ones that were fine are now torn thanks to the strength of those around them
  • In general, clean up!

I am always surprised at how much I love this house when I am here. Not that this comes as a surprise, it’s just that once it was clear I wasn’t going to spend as much time here as I wanted for the time being, due to excessive traveling, it started feeling like a real pain to pay all that mortgage for a place I saw so infrequently. Fortunately, that’s over now and I can focus on a real life here.