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2007-04-04 1 min read Blog marco

I had parked the bike at a motorcycle parking spot to go to the barber. James buzzed my hair shorter than usual, making me look about 15 years younger (I was actually carded for the first time in many years!). I get back to the bike, and the bag is flying up straight. I circle the bike trying to find out what happened, and a guy comes out of the store behind it. He tells me the bike flipped over, and that he and someone else lifted it back up.

At that point, I already assumed there had to be something wrong. Motorcycles usually don’t fall off like that, and it takes quite a push to throw a 600 over. I circle once more, and just when I am about to decide everything is fine, there it is: the footrest broke in two. Fortunately the outer part is small, but it’s really annoying that someone would cause that kind of problem and then simply run away.

Now I know why my insurance treated me to a $1000 estimate for yearly comprehensive!