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Commuting on 280

2007-03-28 1 min read Blog marco

{moszoomimglink:Crystal Springs Reservoir โ€“ San Andreas fault}I decided on a whim to ride down 280 instead of the more obvious choice, 101. It’s a much more beautiful ride, but it entails a 15 minute rush through Menlo Park, which is book-ended by the two freeways.

It was a gorgeous day; maybe a little chilly, especially considering it is almost April. The sides of the freeway were that lush green that happens only for a few weeks every year, and no fog greeted me at the Half Moon Bay gap. Traffic was mostly light, getting congested only where three or more cars would go up a hill in parallel, slowing down everybody behind them.

This has no point other than reminding myself of just how beautiful that ride is โ€“ possibly one of the most beautiful freeway rides in the world.