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More Mice, One Man

2007-01-22 2 min read marco

After having to deal with the mice in my San Francisco house (a thing of the past, as you know now), I got to the house in Hawaii only to find that mice had bitten their way through all available screens. I mean, they could have just bitten their way through one screen and used that to get into the house. No, since they are not the brightest, they bit a little mouse-size hole into each screen that was available to them. Mental note: stupidity causes lots of damage.

No surprise, then, when this morning I saw the familiar squiggle of a mouse tail scurrying around on the floor, this time in plain view. Mice are a little stupider here than on the mainland, you must know.

This particular mouse was indignant that I would be in its way, and it tried to get rid of me. Seeing that I was indeed more than just a massive blob on a chair, it resorted to hiding behind the massive painting in the living room, and was then chased into the den. No luck there, so it hid in the closet, then the bathroom, where I locked it up.

It’s still in the house – haven’t been able to get rid of it. No more mouse poison, of course, so I’ll have to check what other pest riddance methodologies are taught at the University of Hilo annex at the Home Depot….