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Drought in Ninole

2006-11-25 2 min read Ninole House marco

I didn’t think it was possible, but we are experiencing drought conditions in Ninole! I mean, all is relative, and a drought here is wetter than a winter in San Francisco, but it’s a nice change from the usual page. I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night because the rain is rapping on the metal roof, and I can open and close the gate without getting drenched.

Of course, for us on catchment, a drought is a serious issue; it is made even worse by knowing there are no processes in place to get to water, a little like cities that don’t experience snow frequently drown in chaos as soon as the first snowflakes fall. My neighbors, whose catchment tank was affected by the October earthquake, are wondering whether they can tap into the nearby county tank in case of need. I probably could help them out, too, but I am going to wait with offering help until the situation is sorted out.

From a malihini perspective, the drought means long, sunny day at the beach. It’s been the best beach time ever for me, it almost feels like in Kona. The days are long (compared to San Francisco), and the sun is balmy, not searing. Not having beaches close to the house is not a problem: driving to the beaches here is always a pleasure, whether it’s bombing down to Waipi’o or zipping to Spencer’s in Hilo. And if I am in the mood for something special, there are always the two black sand beaches in Puna, and the Green Sand Beach down at South Point.

Life is really nice out here. When there is a drought. I don’t even mind my neighbors closing their gate at all times: they know they are not supposed to do that (their predecessors lost a court case requiring them to keep the gates open during the day), but it might just discourage the riff-raff that stole my generator.

Of course, once the rain starts again, I will certainly object to having to open and close two gates, with the corresponding four times out of the car.