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Finding a Custom X

2006-10-14 1 min read Boarding Gear marco

Well, I decided to treat myself to something special, this year – a Custom X. My friend D. has one, and it looked like it could do a lot that my own Cruiser couldn’t. It’s more rigid, but has better torsion flex. The cruiser behaves a little like it doesn’t even have a core!

I went to REI, and they had only the green model. Not wanting to look like a frog on the mountain, I checked Sports Basement, but they had only one Custom X, size 160. Where to find a 156?

Safe bet:google it! I typed the magic combination, and who shows up as a first hit? eBay, you guessed it. I went to eBay and checked the offering, and lo and behold, several Custom X 156 available. The cost is quite a lot lower than MSRP – still quite a lot higher than I want to pay for a board that I can’t return should it fail on the first trip.

It’s getting there – now I just have to decide whether I am going to buy new clothes and bindings, and I am all set to go!

Oh, by the way: the BC Thanksgiving invitation is cancelled. It was too good to be true…