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Escaped another bug

2006-10-03 1 min read marco

Looks like the cold season already started: everybody is reporting symptom of the common cold, like persistent cough, sinus infection, fever, headache. The whole nine yeard. This year, the cough seems to be particularly persistent.

Ken, my spinning class neighbor, insisted on coughing in my direction, and I got away with a mild case. Fortunately, my immune system recognized the attacker and reacted right away. I woke up feeling miserable yesterday, and by end of day things had started to get better. Today, working from home on a sunny San Francisco Tuesday, things are fine again. Well, except for the skin on my face, which looks like I am 15 years old again and pimply…

Which brings me to a question: does exercise exorcise the cold? My mentor in Aachen, Prof. Dr. Roepstorff, told us he would play tennis when he felt sick. If it didn’t kill him, it got rid of the cold. I can only say that he looked extremely healthy!