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Who is using moszoomimglink?

2006-09-20 2 min read Joomla marco

So, I realized after the upgrade to Joomla 1.0.11 that just *MAYBE* my version 2.1 of zOOm was a *TAD* outdated and upgraded to slick new 2.5.1. Great job, guys!

I made everything work, imported my data into the new zOOm, and everything worked just fine โ€“ except for my favorite mambot, the trusted moszoomimglink, that delivers those saucy thumbnails that you have gotten used to in my posts.

Well, I went to work on the problem, quickly found out that the only issue was the invocation of the correct set of include files (which I found quite astonishing), and there we were.

While I was deciding whether to package the package at all, or just stick with my little few changes, I just checked Google and found to my surprise there is a dozen folks who are using the plugin, and who posted desperate cries for help in a dozen forums. Not a single post was answered, which is a real shame.

As soon as I get to it, I will do my best to package the new moszoomimglink, and post it to one of the Joomla sites โ€“ probably both and I have to admit, I wouldn’t know what to do without ***mzil,***and I would like to give others the same convenience that I have.