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Planning for the next stage

2006-09-12 2 min read Ninole House marco

Hau`Oli Mau was a pleasant surprise: the weather is good, the pasture lush, and the house not infested by critters or otherwise damaged. Everything looks grea, and my life here is suddenly easier.

There are a few things that need to be done, though:

  • The carport is not even started
  • The power situation needs to be addressed
  • The windows have to be put in
  • The floor needs to be sanded
  • The permanent bathroom counters need to be put in
  • Furniture?
  • Some appliances are missing
  • I have to get pasture animals

Aside from the carport, which I need to take care of soon (because the previous owners want the rest of the construction material) and the power situation (because running off the generator is noisy, smelly, and expensive), the other items can take time. Well, getting in the windows would not be bad, either…

It’s good to be able to live here as is, it would be better to have the place in perfect shape. This time around, I won’t do much (because it’s the first time I wouldn’t be doing much, and I want to know how normal life feels like here). There is though a lot to do.

I woke up early, this morning – 2a. I looked outside, and there were these tiny flecks of cirrus clouds pasted on the sky, with a waning moon shining light at them from the side. It was gorgeous, even though it was dark. I don’t understand why there aren’t more people that fell in love with this place.