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2006-06-17 2 min read Newsflash marco

Sitting here in front of the computer, with sweaty eyebrows and wet clothes on a rainy Saturday morning.

It’s done. I have still some cleanup to do, but most of the work is completed. The bathrooms are tiled, grouted, caulked, and sealed and look positively gorgeous (waiting for the sun to take pics). The house is cleaned up, and I even found the time to wash some of the windows (i.e. the ones that didn’t force me to climb on the roof). Most importantly, I have talked with the appraiser, who is going to come next Saturday. She seemed to have a much nicer attitude than the other lady I talked with a month ago – she was upset because the site was not cleaned up and thought that was reason enough not the give me a loan.

Now there seem to be two gating items: final from the county (which Brad is allegedly taking care of), and the appraiser’s approval. I will have to work on Brad, who is his usual unresponsive self, and will have to wait until the appraiser nods her yes.

And then, this nightmare is over. I am sure there is going to be some twist to the story, and that we’ll find something that makes it interesting again. But it’s gotta be over at some point! I mean, I made the offer over a year ago!