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Cane spider in the car

2006-06-04 1 min read marco

Have you ever seen a cane spider? They are humongous spiders (well, maybe four inches wide) that live in the grass, actively hunt for food, carry their litter of eggs in a sack on their belly, and otherwise bother me when I have to pee in the grass or, as of lately, in the car.

Someone mentioned there was a cane spider in the car. I paid no attention, having seen none. Tonight, as I was leaving the Home Depot, I noticed something yellowish on the driver’s seat side, but before I could do anything about it, it was gone, crawled up in the console.

Great! Now I could drive home knowing a humongous spider was hiding in the console! Thank goodness I did know that there was nothing to be feared, since they are ugly critters, but not dangerous ones. I survived, so did the spider, and another one of these days we will have another encounter.