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Blink! (M. Gladwell)

2006-05-30 1 min read Books marco

The Tipping Point was already a real pleasure, and (I won’t make you wait for the verdict) Blink! is even more coherent.

Malcom Gladwell, well respected author for the New Yorker, decides to go out and explore the power of intuitive thinking. Unlike his first big success, this book talks about one thing only, and succeeds in captivating with concrete examples.

Of course, this captivation is entirely of desire: we want to be dazzled by our own ability to understand things we can’t possibly understand, and now we have a logical reason to do so.

Mr. Gladwell spends time explaining to us what is good and a little time about what is bad in thinking without thinking. This never becomes a dull lecture in what to do, and it stays all the time a narrative about things that happen, are interesting, and end up affecting everyone’s lives.

Well written, well researched, well, it’s a great book you should read if you are interested (as virtually everyone should) in why you can make things happen even if they are impossible.