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2006-05-27 1 min read Newsflash marco

See, it wasn’t too bad that I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures last time: nothing happened at Hau`Oli in the past two weeks. Brad must have forgotten to show up, must have given up on the house, and now I have to figure out who is going to do the remaining little pieces.

There is a bunch to do. To get through final, I suppose:

  • One or all of the bathrooms have to be tiled
  • The door handles have to be put on
  • The doors to the lanai have to be lockable

To get the house through a clean appraisal:

  • Floors need to be sanded and sealed
  • Appliances need to be put in
  • The site needs to be cleaned up
  • The paint needs to be finished

And unrelated work left:

  • The generator needs to get in
  • The carport
  • The gates
  • The gutters