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Almost Done

2006-05-14 2 min read Newsflash marco

Let’s abandon the bullet points… Despite missing his deadline again, and for the third time, Brad actually did a heck of a job and is completing the house. I was pleasantly surprised when I came in, and everything looked in place. Doors are hung, Lights are in place. The plumbing works (although it needs the generator to run, and I haven’t figured out yet how to run that stupid engine).

All in all, it’s just small stuff that is missing. The interior doors have no knobs (I bought them and they are in the house right now). The walls to the showers are not tiled, the paint is not finished. The flooring in the Honoka`a room is not there, and I was thinking of making it of marble, but it turns out that two weeks from now the wood is coming in from Indonesia.

To appease my appraiser, I will need to do more small stuff: clean, sand, and finish the floors, varnish the doors, buy appliances. To appease myself, I will have to get rid of some of the hideous light fixtures in the house. Brad had put them in because he had nothing else, and there were a few cables sticking out that needed something to put on. And then, of course, I still have to figure out most of the windows.

I tell you, the house is all I hoped it would be. It’s gorgeous, even magnificent, and the views are really stunning. A++!