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Finally, more money

2006-04-21 2 min read Ninole House marco

Brad and his wife have this odd communication pattern: they won’t respond to my inquiries for days and weeks, until they need something (in particular money). So I called them every day since last Friday, and no word from them until Wednesday. I needed to know whether to go for anodized or painted screens, and now the order is delayed by a week thanks to the duo.

Well, I get a call back with “everything is A-OK!” But we need more money to buy a bunch of supplies. Crap stuff, like light bulbs, smoke detectors, etc. But of course (despite my putting already over $6,000 on a cash account at the local construction supply store) they are going for “Marco buys!”

So now I will have to go and get SKUs at Home Depot, and send the order over to Hilo. Isn’t that silly? And of course, as usual I got the spiel about this and that (shower walls) not being included in the bid price. Argh!

Best part about this: the excuse about not calling back. I had called on Sunday (Brad’s birthday) wishing him well, and he felt guilty about not calling back. So he told me his wife had washed both his and her cell phones, and they had called back as soon as they were dry enough to function again.

Isn’t that precious? Almost as good as the one time he didn’t leave a key for the house, and I had to climb over the gate and get my suitcase through the mud to the house. “The voice message arrived two days late.”

Whatever, dude. I’ll be more than happy if you disappear from my life.